150 MPH XO-1 Build

I all started with my love for speed. I love to drive as fast as possible. I started to receive speed tickets so the had to stop. I we to the next best thing and that was RC racing.  I picked up my first Traxxas XO-1 and I was hooked.  I got it up to 100mph but I wanted to go faster. At this point it was time to build and I started the 150 mph project.  This new XO-1 received all the bells and whistles. I installed Castle Creations 1/5th scale ESC with A Leopard 1/5th scale motor. I used all 1/5th scale mounting products from High Gear RC. And batteries from Max Amps. I also went with 1/5th scale wheels from GRP and adapters from RC Hornet Products. Also it would never go fast with using the Boca Bearings Lighting Kit for the Traxxas XO-1.

First we break it down and start installing out new bearings
Install the RC Hornet wheel adapters and bearing on the front end
 Solder the connections on my esc
Install motor, ESC and gearing

IMG_0605 Now to pull all the pieces together

And install the body